MS Outlook banners and hyperlinks

How to insert email banner and hyperlink into e-mail signature

Steps of inserting an email banner to your email signature:

  1. Go to the DSV Brand Portal

  2. Download the email banner you wish to insert (remember to download jpeg)

  3. Open Outlook (mail view)

  4. Click File > Options > Mail > Signature (from here you can adjust, add or delete your email signature)

  5. Copy and paste the email banner (jpeg) below the text of your signature

  6. Click “Ok” and the email banner is now part of your email signature

Steps of inserting a hyperlink into email banner signature:

  1. Click "New E-mail". Select ”Signature” in the top menu bar and then "Signatures".

  2. Select the correct email signature.

  3. Select the email banner image.

  4. Click on the “globe” to the right (see screen dump below). Now you can insert the hyperlink:

  5. Click “OK” and “Save”